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TMiP Conference 2021

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TMiP 2021 will take place online, and is supported by the ICMS (International Centre for Mathematical Sciences) in Edinburgh. The ICMS stimulates and promotes the mathematical sciences through diverse international workshops & conferences, and will provide a virtual venue for this year's TMiP.

All conference sessions will run for 45 minutes, with a 15-minute screen break each hour. This page lists the session content - please book a ticket to the conference, and refer to the Online Event Page on Eventbrite (or your conference pack) for links and joining instructions. Times below are given in BST (GMT+1).

For a full, detailed version of the programme, visit the Full Programme page.

To add these sessions to your own calendar, you can download an ICS file of conference sessions, or use this use this Google Calendar link (click the plus in the bottom right to add it to your own).

1pm - 1.45pm
Introductory session and icebreaker activity
2pm - 2.45pm
Storytelling - workshop session with Elin Roberts from the Centre for Life
3pm - 3.45pm
What we learned about online/hybrid events this year - panel session, with Alison Kiddle, Hana Ayoob and Chris McCreery
4pm - 4.45pm
Helen Czerski (2020 Ri Christmas Lecturer/Physicist) - Keynote interview
9am - 9.45am
Lightning talks* contributed by attendees (see below)
10am - 10.45am
More Lightning talks* contributed by attendees (see below)
11am - 11.45am
Making your activity work for people with special educational needs - workshop session with science presenter Sarah Bearchell
12pm - 12.45pm
Puzzles and Communicating Maths - lunchtime panel discussion, with speakers Cracking the Cryptic's Mark Goodliffe, New Scientist puzzle editor Rob Eastaway, and maths educator/puzzle author Sian Zelbo
1pm - 2pm
Community Showcase - visit stalls of maths communication organisations and chat to others
2pm - 3pm
Workshop & Feedback session - with conference pack sponsors Maple Learn, in the Community Showcase space
8pm - 9pm
Clopen Mic Night - live maths variety show on YouTube
12pm - 12.45pm
Lunch social with arranged meetings for New to Maths Comm, Working in Unis and Freelancers
1pm - 1.45pm
Parallel Exemplar workshops* contributed by attendees (see below)
2pm - 2.45pm
Evaluation - workshop session with evaluation expert and science communicator Jamie Gallagher
3pm - 3.45pm
Discussion sessions - parallel sessions on different topics (see below)
4pm - 4.30pm
Wrap-up session - thanks, useful resources and evaluation of formal sessions
7pm - 9.30pm
Virtual Social incorporating a quiz 8-9pm, hosted by Martin Harris of Threads & Tangents
Online networking activities - including online puzzle hunt, online board games and craft session
Conference close incorporating 'Show & Tell' segment of things you've learned/recommendations

If you have any questions about programme content or timings, please contact the Organising Committee.

Discussion Sessions

The topics for this year's discussion programme (Friday 27th August, 3-3.45pm) are listed below. For full descriptions and chair info, see the full programme.

Parallel Sessions - 3pm-3.20pm

  • Room 0: How do we communicate maths inclusively in a blended world?
  • Room 1: What works in creating maths museums and exhibitions, and how can we incorporate art?

Parallel Sessions - 3.25pm-3.45pm

  • Room 0: How do we reach easy-to-overlook audiences?
  • Room 1: How can we improve representation in maths communication?

Attendee Contributed Sessions

Sessions marked with * above will include attendee-contributed content, and will be compiled from submissions from conference attendees. Details of how to submit a talk or workshop will be sent to you when you register for the event - please contact the Organising Committee if you have any questions.

Lightning Talks session

5-minute talks showcasing maths outreach projects and activities. Find out what kind of things people have been doing, and who to talk to if you'd like to get involved. Talk titles and descriptions are available in the online conference pack, which is linked to from the Online Event Page on Eventbrite.

Exemplar maths activity workshops

A selection of conference attendees will showcase short samples of one of their workshops. This is a chance for you to see examples of what other people are doing in their maths outreach and give some constructive feedback to the presenters. Full descriptions of the workshops are available in the online conference pack, which is linked to from the the Online Event Page on Eventbrite.

'Venue' Details

The conference will run online using a variety of platforms. Information on how to use these platforms will be included in the conference pack. If you have any other questions about these platforms, or need further guidance on how to use them, please contact the organisers.

Zoom - we will use Zoom for whole-conference sessions that involve breakouts into smaller groups.

Zoom Webinar - we will use Zoom Webinar for panel sessions which involve several speakers but no breakout aspect. - we will use spatial audio environment for social events and for our Community Showcase session.

In Zoom and Zoom Webinar sessions, we will arrange for automatic live captioning in Zoom. For sessions in, we will provide instructions (in the virtual conference pack) on how to set up live captioning on your own system. If you have any other accessibility requirements, please indicate on the registration form when you sign up.

Booking information

We're using Eventbrite for ticket bookings, and once you've booked a ticket you should be able to access the Online Event Page on Eventbrite where you can find links and event info. If you need someone else to book a ticket on your behalf (e.g. to pay for your ticket), we've made a list of the information you'll need to send them in order to do this.

Our conference packs for 2021 are supported by Maplesoft. The first 150 attendees registering for the conference will be posted a conference pack to a specified address, and this will be posted with enough time to arrive ahead of the conference. If you order now, we'll aim to post your conference pack as soon as possible, but since it's close to the event we can't now guarantee it will arrive before the start of the conference.

The physical conference pack contains information about the sessions at the event, along with some physical materials (and snacks, where possible within international posting restrictions!) to make you feel like you're attending a conference, and some free gifts from our supporting organisations. In the interests of protecting the environment, we've tried hard to make sure the contents of the pack are in general something people will find useful, or otherwise recyclable or consumable.

Bursaries and Funding

We have a limited number of funded bursary places to the conference - for students, low-income and early-career attendees, or anyone who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend. To apply for a bursary, you should complete this form. Bursary recipients will be notified in advance of the event. We are still happy to receive applications for bursaries up to the event.

We also have limited funding available to cover accessibility requirements for attending our online event. If you have additional costs in order to attend, please contact the organisers.