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Talking Maths in Public conference

Talking Maths in Lockdown

During the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Talking Maths in Public organised a series of online events for maths communicators to discuss topics related to maths communication, and to keep in contact and network with other maths communicators.

Six sessions took place over the summer, each with a different theme, and with invited guests to share their thoughts and knowledge, and more sessions were added from September onwards.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Thursday 17th September - Teaching Maths Communication

Many universities offer modules within their maths degrees, or whole masters/degree courses on communication, including specifically maths communication. We'll discuss how these courses are run, what kind of material they cover, and how they can be useful in producing fresh new maths communicators.
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Thursday 29th October - Geogebra workshop

Geogebra is a dynamic geometry tool which allows you to make and manipulate geometrical constructions. It has Classroom features to allow you to work with groups remotely, and in this session, Ben Sparks will demonstrate the basics of Geogebra and the classroom environment, while Becky Warren will share some of the visual art techniques she’s been using to engage people with maths.
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Image by KRiemer from Pixabay

Thursday 26th November - Inclusivity in Maths Communication

We were joined by a panel of speakers representing organisations that run events in maths and science communication, to discuss issues around diversity and inclusivity, and share how they've been making maths communication accessible, particularly in the current climate.
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Image by Eak K. from Pixabay

Thursday 21st May - Online events

Live events - science festivals, conferences and talks - have been a major casualty of the crisis. We talk about how to run online events, and how to make them stand out and run smoothly.
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Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Thursday 28th May - Learning new skills

Many have been thrown in at the deep end with the transition to remote working - we discuss and share resources for those who want to learn new skills - and consider the merits of playing to your existing strengths.
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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Thursday 4th June - Maths communication in universities

People who deliver maths outreach activities as part of a university or large organisation may find this aspect of their work has been disrupted. We discuss what people can still do, and how to still access training.
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Photo from 2017 conference

Thursday 30th April - Catch-up, general networking and discussion

This first session was a chance to see people, catch up and discuss the challenges we face in these unprecedented times.
Image by Tina Koehler from Pixabay

Thursday 7th May - Online video/conferencing software

There are a plethora of formats and platforms for sharing and discussion online - we run through the basics of how to use some, and discuss the pros and cons of different applications.
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Photo from 2019 conference

Thursday 14th May - Making online maths interactive

While much of online maths communication can be read or watched, some content also involves interaction. We discuss how these kinds of resources can be used to make online maths communication more engaging.
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