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The Talking Maths in Public Podcast is a community podcast for members of the TMiP network, which collects short segments from different people working in maths communication to share their projects, ideas and thoughts, as well as discuss maths communication and education research, and provide a regular opportunity to hear from others in the community.

The podcast will be produced monthly for six-month blocks, in even-numbered years (when no TMiP conference is taking place). This will allow for a more sustained exchange of ideas between events, and produce a resource for TMiP members and other maths communicators to draw on.

Series 1 of the podcast will begin in July 2024, and episodes will be released monthly. Each episode will consist of four roughly 10-minute segments, each covering a different aspect of maths communication. Details of how to access episodes and release dates will be added here shortly.

The first two series of the TMiP Podcast are funded by a Public Engagement grant from the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

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Talking Maths in Public Podcast

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Series 1 (2024)

Photo of Hana's multilink cube version of Number City, laid out on a piece of paper on the floor

Episode 1 - Cardboard Boxes, Russell’s Paradox and a Sense of Belonging

In this episode, we’ll be hearing from science communicator and project manager Hana Ayoob, who’s running Matt Parker’s MEGA Grant project for 2024, Number City. We’ll also hear about some recommended popular maths books, discuss mathematical explanations, and find out about some maths communication research.
Episode 1 transcript (.txt)


If you'd like to submit content for the podcast, we've created a submission form you can use to send us your ideas. Each episode will consist of four segments of ten minutes, and we will aim to make each segment fit one of the suggested formats below, although alternative formats will be considered. Completing the form will not guarantee your segment's inclusion in the podcast - this is merely a way to suggest content, and editorial decisions will rest with the TMiP team. If you have any questions, please email

  • My MathsComm Project: a maths communicator describes a project they’ve been involved with and how it went - how it was funded, what their audience was, how the project met its goals and what they learned
  • Research Into Practice: a maths communicator chooses a research paper which discusses an aspect of science communication research relevant to maths, summarises its findings and discusses how it might be applied to the practice of maths communication
  • Obtuse Angles: thoughts and experience sharing from professional maths communicators discussing a particular aspect of maths communication - an approach, a format, or a recently seen instance of public maths, and their opinions of the positives and negatives
  • Room p26: a maths communicator describes an aspect of, or approach to, maths communication they would like to consign to the bin, and justifies their choice
  • Stories from the front line: maths communicators sharing their best advice and learnings from their maths communication work, covering a variety of formats and audiences
  • Top Three: a maths communicator shares three great examples they’ve seen of a particular type of maths communication, such as books for a particular audience, YouTube channels or competition events
  • My Story: a maths communicator shares a summary of their career path and how they’ve found success
  • Zeeman Catastrophe: The story of when a piece of maths communication went terribly wrong, and what we learned from it